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Using Breathing Techniques for Anger Management

Inner Peace and a calmer you can be as simple as breathing in and breathing out.  You might ask how you can apply a simple technique of breathing for a calmer you with such success.  The secret is in the … Continue reading

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5 Techniques to Relieve Anger Management

Anger can be good when you can channel it for betterment.  But it becomes detrimental when you stay stuck in it.  To empower yourself with your temper, you need to deflect the negative aspects of your emotions and transform them … Continue reading

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Journal Your Way Through Your Anger and Improve Your Relationships At the Same Time

If your relationships aren’t going so well, then take out your journal and starting contemplating your feelings in written form. One of the best ways to feel better about yourself and someone with whom you’re having a problem is to … Continue reading

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