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Getting Better Perspective – Journal Exercise 1 – 30-Day Journaling Challenge

This first blog entry for my 30-Day journaling challenge is going to talk about Getting Better Perspective. One of the keys to personal growth and development and even success is about learning to get a better perspective than where you … Continue reading

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30 day Journaling Challenge -Sign up Page

OK, this is the sign up page for those of you wanting to get on board with this journaling challenge. Journaling for 30 days. Leave a comment here about joining! For the Next 30 Days I’ll have a new post … Continue reading

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5 Techniques to Relieve Anger Management

Anger can be good when you can channel it for betterment.  But it becomes detrimental when you stay stuck in it.  To empower yourself with your temper, you need to deflect the negative aspects of your emotions and transform them … Continue reading

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Journal Your Way Through Your Anger and Improve Your Relationships At the Same Time

If your relationships aren’t going so well, then take out your journal and starting contemplating your feelings in written form. One of the best ways to feel better about yourself and someone with whom you’re having a problem is to … Continue reading

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Your Relationship with Money Might be Making You really Poor

Money issues come from within.  Money is neither good nor bad.  It’s a thing.  Like a chair.  It’s your relationship to money that is either good or bad.  Most of us, associate both of them with money making it difficult … Continue reading

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In an Exercise Rut? Then Start an Exercise Journal

Keeping a journal for your exercise program will help you stay focused, maintain motivation and give you key insights on what’s working and what’s not.  If you are in an exercise rut, start an exercise journal. You might not have … Continue reading

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Successful Dieting Through Journaling

There are many reasons you might keep a diet journal.  You might be striving for better health, kick bad habits or lose weight.  Whatever your reason for doing so, it’s important to do these three things to maintain a successful … Continue reading

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